Practical experience in all aspects of construction has given Sonego & Associates, Inc.  a thorough understanding of the Commercial Contracting Industry.  Our versality is demonstrated by comparing our retail portfolio (Saks Fifth Avenue, Chanel, &   Barney's of New York), with a more industrial project such as any one of the multiple
CareFlite facilities in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area.   From the elegant finery of Retail Renovations, to the efficiency of Office Remodeling, to the enormity of building a Jet Engine Test Facility or even overhauling a Hydraulic Warehouse Facility, WHATEVER your commercial contractor needs... Sonego & Asscociates, Inc.  CAN do it all.
Sonego & Associates, Inc.  can provide the up-to-date project management / general contracting skills necessary to get YOUR project off the ground and turn YOUR plans into successful, profitable realities.

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