Sonego & Associates, Inc. provides a variety of services in many areas of the industry for both our Commercial customers as well as our Residential customers. Below is a comprehensive list of these services.  Please feel free to EMAIL us with your questions or for clarification on any of these items.                                                                   - David Sonego                                          


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Air Conditioning





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Add Air cleaner
Repair Humidifier

Add Central Air Conditioning
Repair Room/Window Air Conditioning

Add Ducts and sheet metal
Repair Swamp Cooler Air Conditioning

Add Humidifier
Replace Air cleaner

Add Room/Window Air Conditioning
Replace Central Air Conditioning

Add Swamp Cooler Air Conditioning
Replace Ducts and sheet metal

Repair Air cleaner
Replace Humidifier

Repair Central Air Conditioning
Replace Room/Window Air Conditioning

Repair Ducts and sheet metal
Replace Swamp Cooler Air Conditioning

Appliance Installation and Repair

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General Appliance Repair
Repair Swamp Cooler Air Conditioning

Replace Existing Appliances


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General Architect
Residential Remodeling

Landscape Architect
Tenant Improvements

Attics and Basements

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Add/Expand Basement
Buildout/Finish/Convert an Attic

Buildout/Finish/Convert a Basement 


Bathroom Remodeling



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Add Bath fan
Repair or replace Bath Fan

Add Bidet
Repair or replace Bath liner

Add Cabinets
Repair or replace Bathtub Refinishing

Add Countertop
Repair or replace Bidet

Add Full Bath
Repair or replace Cabinets

Add Half Bath
Repair or replace Countertop

Add Lighting
Repair or replace Faucets - Bath/Shower

Add Master Bath Suite
Repair or replace Faucets - other

Add Medicine Chest
Repair or replace Floor coverings

Add Other Storage
Repair or replace Lighting

Add Shower
Repair or Replace Medicine Chest

Add Shower Door
Repair or Replace Other Storage

Add Sinks
Repair or replace Shower

Add Skylight
Repair or Replace Shower Door

Add Standard or whirlpool tub
Repair or replace Sinks

Add Tile
Repair or replace Skylight

Add Toilet
Repair or replace Standard or whirlpool tub

Add Windows and doors
Repair or replace Tile

Remodel Full Bath
Repair or replace Toilet

Remodel Half Bath
Repair or replace Windows and doors

Remodel Master Bath Suite







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Install Pre-Made Bathroom Cabinets
Reface Existing Bathroom Cabinets

Install Pre-Made Family Room, Den, Study or Library Cabinets
Reface Existing Family Room, Den, Study or Library Cabinets

Install Pre-Made Garage Cabinets
Reface Existing Garage Cabinets

Install Pre-Made Home Office Cabinets
Reface Existing Home Office Cabinets

Install Pre-Made Kitchen Cabinets
Reface Existing Kitchen Cabinets

Make and Install New Custom Bathroom Cabinets
Refinish Existing Bathroom Cabinets

Make and Install New Custom Family Room, Den, Study or Library Cabinets
Refinish Existing Family Room, Den, Study or Library Cabinets

Make and Install New Custom Garage Cabinets
Refinish Existing Garage Cabinets

Make and Install New Custom Home Office Cabinets
Refinish Existing Home Office Cabinets

Make and Install New Custom Kitchen Cabinets
Refinish Existing Kitchen Cabinets





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Interior Finish and Trim

Exterior Finish and Trim
Interior Stairs

Framing and structural

Handyman/fix-it projects
Termite/Dry Rot Repair

Trellises and Patio Structures







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Carpeting and Upholstery
General Household/Maid Service

Chimney sweeps
Heat Ducts

Deck cleaning/treating
Power Washing

Disaster services - fire and smoke

Disaster services - mud

Disaster services - water

Closets and Storage

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Closet Organizer Systems

Garage Storage


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Ceramic Tile
Solid Surface (Corian, etc.)

Stone (Granite, Marble, etc.)

Other (Wood, Steel, etc.)

   Custom Home Building
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Custom Home Building





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Composite/Plastic All New Structure
Wood, Natural Replace Existing Deck

Composite/Plastic Building on a Slope
Wood, Natural Replace/Add Doors/Windows Off Deck

Composite/Plastic Deck Cleaning, Repair or Treating
Wood, Natural Requires Attaching to Second Story

Composite/Plastic Replace Existing Deck
Wood, Pressure-Treated All New Structure

Composite/Plastic Replace/Add Doors/Windows Off Deck
Wood, Pressure-Treated Building on a Slope

Composite/Plastic Requires Attaching to Second Story
Wood, Pressure-Treated Deck Cleaning, Repair or Treating

Wood, Natural All New Structure
Wood, Pressure-Treated Includes a Spa or Hot Tub

Wood, Natural Building on a Slope
Wood, Pressure-Treated Replace Existing Deck

Wood, Natural Deck Cleaning, Repair or Treating
Wood, Pressure-Treated Replace/Add Doors/Windows Off Deck

Wood, Natural Includes a Spa or Hot Tub
Wood, Pressure-Treated Requires Attaching to Second Story

Demolition and Disposal

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Disposal and Trash Hauling



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Bathroom Designer
Lighting Designer

General Designer
Residential Designer

Home Office Designer
Space Planning Designer

Kitchen Designer

Drywall and Plastering

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Drywall Installation and Finishing
Drywall Repair

Plaster Patch or Repair
Drywall Tape and Finish

Specialty - Cove Ceilings, Decorative
Plaster Installation and Finishing

Texture Application






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Add Electrical Circuits
Home Automation

Add or Replace Fixtures or Switches

Audio, Video, Home Theater
Landscape Lighting

Data Cabling - Fiber Optics
Lighting Design

Data/TV Cabling (standard/structured)
Security Systems

General Electrical Work
Service Panel Upgrades
Generators Installation/Repair

Environmental/Disaster Services

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Asbestos Encapsulation/Removal
Gas Shutoff Valves

Boarding-up Houses and Buildings
Lead Paint Abatement

Seismic Retrofit Consulting

Disaster Services - Fire & Smoke
Soil Testing

Disaster Services - Mud
Temporary Fencing

Disaster Services - Other
Toxic Disposal or Abatement

Disaster Services - Water
Toxic Testing

Disposal and Trash Hauling
Water Testing

Fire Abatement
Water Treatment




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General Excavation

Dirt & Debris Removal
Grading - Finish

Drainage Systems
Grading - Rough

Foundations and retaining walls
Pool Fill-in or Removal


Fans and Ventilation


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Bath Fans
Roof Venting

Ceiling/Paddle Fans
Whole House Venting

Kitchen Range Hood/Exhaust Fan

Fencing/Perimeter Walls




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Concrete or Block

Gates - Automatic

Gates - Manual

Wrought Iron/Steel

Metal/Chain Link




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Chimney Sweep
Install Masonry

Fireplace Doors
Install Non-Masonry

Gas Logs
Install Wood Stoves

Hearth Repairs
Repair Masonry


Floor Coverings



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Carpet Installation
Resilient (Vinyl,Linoleum)

Carpet Repair/re-stretching
Tile - Regrouting and Repair

Ceramic and Stone Tile
Wood - New

Wood - Refinishing

Foundations and Retaining Walls



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Add/Replace Retaining Wall - Concrete
Concrete - New Foundation

Add/Replace Retaining Wall - Lock Block
Concrete coatings

Add/Replace Retaining Wall - Railroad Ties
Concrete slab leveling/mudjacking

Add/Replace Retaining Wall - Stone
Concrete slab patch/repair

Concrete - Foundation Leveling
Paving and patios

Concrete - Foundation Patch and Repair

Framing Systems



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Insulated Concrete Forms - One Story
Stick Frame - One Story

Insulated Concrete Forms - Three or More Stories
Stick Frame - Three or More Stories

Insulated Concrete Forms - Two Stories
Stick Frame - Two Stories

Precut/Prebuild - One Story
Structural Insulated Panels - One Story

Precut/Prebuild - Three or More Stories
Structural Insulated Panels - Three or More Stories

Precut/Prebuild - Two Stories
Structural Insulated Panels - Two Stories

Steel - One Story
Timber Frame - One Story

Steel - Three or More Stories
Timber Frame - Three or More Stories

Steel - Two Stories
Timber Frame - Two Stories



Garages and Outbuildings



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Barns, Shed & Outbuildings - Metal
Garage Doors - New or Replace

Barns, Shed & Outbuildings - Wood
Garage Doors - Repair

Carport - New
Grarage Door Openers - Install/Repair/Replace

Garage - New

Glass and Screens




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Glass - Specialty, Etched, Stained
Replace Glass/Glazing

Glass Blocks
Screen Installation/Repair

Glass Shower Enclosures
Shower Doors

Hurricane Shutters
Storm Doors

Gutters/Sheet Metal




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Repair Aluminum Gutters/Downspouts
Repair/Replace Plastic Flashing

Repair Copper Gutters/Downspouts
Repair/Replace Redwood Flashing

Repair Extruded Aluminum Gutters/Downspouts
Repair/Replace Steel Flashing

Repair Plastic Gutters/Downspouts
Replace Aluminum Gutters/Downspouts

Repair Redwood Gutters/Downspouts
Replace Copper Gutters/Downspouts

Repair Steel Gutters/Downspouts
Replace Extruded Aluminum Gutters/Downspouts

Repair/Replace Aluminum Flashing
Replace Plastic Gutters/Downspouts

Repair/Replace Copper Flashing
Replace Redwood Gutters/Downspouts

Repair/Replace Extruded Aluminum Flashing
Replace Steel Gutters/Downspouts


Heating and Ventilation




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Add Air Cleaner
Repair Pool heater

Add Ducts and Sheet Metal
Repair Radiant/Hydronic Heating

Add Forced Air Heating
Repair Solar and Alternative Energy

Add Gas shutoff valves
Repair Space Heaters (Ductless)

Add Humidifier
Repair Steam Heating

Add Pool heater
Replace Air Cleaner

Add Radiant/Hydronic Heating
Replace Ducts and Sheet Metal

Add Solar and Alternative Energy
Replace Forced Air Heating

Add Space Heaters (Ductless)
Replace Gas shutoff valves

Add Steam Heating
Replace Humidifier

Repair Air Cleaner
Replace Pool heater

Repair Ducts and Sheet Metal
Replace Radiant/Hydronic Heating

Repair Forced Air Heating
Replace Solar and Alternative Energy

Repair Gas shutoff valves
Replace Space Heaters (Ductless)

Repair Humidifier
Replace Steam Heating

Home Security




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Alarm Systems
Smoke/Gas Detection

Sprinklers - Fire Suppression


Security Lighting


Inspection and Appraisal

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Home Appraisal
Home Inspection

Insulation and Weather Stripping





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Add/Replace Insulation - Attic - Batt, Rolls, Sheets
Add/Replace Insulation - Foundation - Blown-In

Add/Replace Insulation - Attic - Blown-In
Add/Replace Insulation - Foundation - Injected

Add/Replace Insulation - Attic - Injected
Add/Replace Insulation - Foundation - Radiant Barriers

Add/Replace Insulation - Attic - Radiant Barriers
Add/Replace Insulation - Foundation - Rigid Foam
Add/Replace Insulation - Attic - Rigid Foam
Add/Replace Insulation - Whole House - Batt, Rolls, Sheets

Add/Replace Insulation - Crawl Space - Batt, Rolls, Sheets
Add/Replace Insulation - Whole House - Blown-In
Add/Replace Insulation - Crawl Space - Blown-In
Add/Replace Insulation - Whole House - Injected
Add/Replace Insulation - Crawl Space - Injected
Add/Replace Insulation - Whole House - Radiant Barriers

Add/Replace Insulation - Crawl Space - Radiant Barriers
Add/Replace Insulation - Whole House - Rigid Foam

Add/Replace Insulation - Crawl Space - Rigid Foam
Weather Stripping

Add/Replace Insulation - Foundation - Batt, Rolls, Sheets



Kitchen Remodeling





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Add Island or Peninsula
Repair or replace Countertops

Add Kitchen, pantry or bar sink
Repair or replace Faucets

Add Pantry or Other Storage
Repair or replace Floor coverings

Add Range hood or venting
Repair or replace Lighting

Add Skylight
Repair or replace Range hood or venting

Add Tile
Repair or replace Reface existing cabinets

Add Windows and doors
Repair or replace Refinish existing cabinets

Addition or Expansion
Repair or replace Sinks

Complete Gutting and Rebuild
Repair or replace Skylight

Partial Remodel
Repair or replace Tile

Repair or replace Appliances
Repair or replace Windows and doors

Repair or replace Cabinets
Upgrade or Repair







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Misc. Landscape Work

Design and Construct
Paving and patios

Design Only
Ponds, Streams and Waterfalls

Pools and spas

Fencing/perimiter walls
Retaining walls - concrete

Garages and outbuildings
Retaining walls - lock block

Retaining walls - railroad tie

Lawn Services - Full Gardener
Retaining walls - stone

Lawn Services - Mow & Blow only
Snow Removal

Lawn Sprinkler System
Tree Trimming


Masonry & Stucco




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Brick Barbecue
Paving and patios

Fencing/perimeter walls
Stucco Installation

Fireplace, Chimney
Stucco Repair and Reflashing

Foundation/retaining wall
Tuckpoint & Brick Repair

General Masonry







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ADA/Universal Design
Handyman Services

Bathtub Liners (plastic glued to tub)

Bathtub Refinishing
Vacuum Systems

Window Treatments

Furniture Repair


Painting and Wallcovering




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Drywall and plastering
Texture Removal

Faux Finishes
Wallcovering Application

General Exterior
Wallcovering Removal

General Interior
Wallpanels - Acoustical

Staining and Refinishing
Wood Deck Refinishing

Texture Application

Paving and Patios




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Asphalt New/Replace Drive, Sidewalk, Patio
Concrete Patch and Repair

Asphalt Repair and Maintenance

Asphalt Sealing
Gravel and Loose Stone


Concrete Coatings
Stamped Concrete

Concrete Leveling and Mudjacking
Tennis Court New or Replacement

Concrete New/Replace Drive, Sidewalk, Patio
Tennis Court Repair or Maintenance

Pest Control

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Termite Repair





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Bathroom remodeling
Install/Replace Shower

Bathtub Refinishing
Install/Replace Toilet

Drain Clearing
Leak Detection

Faucet/fixture install Bathtub liners
Radiant/hydronic heating - install

Faucet/fixture install Bathtub refinishing
Radiant/hydronic heating - repair

Faucet/fixture repair Bathtub liners
Repair Bath or Whirlpool Tub

Faucet/fixture repair Bathtub refinishing
Repair Faucets - Bath/Shower

Fireplace Logs
Repair Faucets - Other

Gas Piping
Repair Shower

General Plumbing - Add/Replace/Repair
Repair Toilet

Septic System - Inspect

Install/Replace Bath or Whirlpool Tub
Septic System - Install/Replace

Install/Replace Bathroom Sinks
Septic System - Tank Cleaning

Install/Replace Bidet
Sprinklers - Fire Suppression

Install/Replace Faucets - Bath/Shower
Underground Maintenance

Install/Replace Faucets - Other
Water Filters/Softeners

Install/Replace Freestanding Shower
Water Heaters - Repair/Replace

Install/Replace Kitchen, Pantry or Bar Sink
Water Wells

Pools and Spas




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Acid Wash
Install - In-Ground


Equipment (Pumps etc.)
Resurface - Concrete/Gunite

Heating - Electric/Gas
Resurface - Fiberglass

Heating - Solar
Sauna Install/Repair

Spa Install

Install - Above Ground
Spa Repair

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Remodeling and Room Additions




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Add/Remodel Home Office
Complete Gutting and Rebuilding

Add/Remodel Home Theater

Add/Remodel Mother-in-Law Suite

Add/Remodel Porch or Lenai
Historical Restoration/Preservation

Adding a Second Story

Attic buildout/conversion
Remodel/Add Bedroom

Basement buildout/conversion
Remodel/Add Family Room, Den, Study or Library

Room Addition or Expansion


Whole House Remodel





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Inspection and Certification
Install/Replace Shingles/Tiles - Clay or Concrete Tiles/Shingles

Install/Replace Flat Roof - Bitumen
Install/Replace Shingles/Tiles - Copper Shingles or Sheet

Install/Replace Flat Roof - Built-Up - Hot mopped Asphalt
Install/Replace Shingles/Tiles - Standing Seam Metal

Install/Replace Flat Roof - Rolled
Install/Replace Shingles/Tiles - Synthetic Shake

Install/Replace Flat Roof - Rubber EPDM
Install/Replace Shingles/Tiles - Synthetic Slate

Install/Replace Flat Roof - Torch-Down
Install/Replace Shingles/Tiles - Vermont Slate

Install/Replace Shingles/Tiles - Aluminum Shingles
Install/Replace Shingles/Tiles - Wood

Install/Replace Shingles/Tiles - Asphalt/Fiberglass Composite Shingles
Repair Leaks

Repair/replace gutters/flashing







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Attached to House

Freestanding (Greenhouse)



Tile and Stone




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Bath Tub/Shower
Regrouting and Repair

Walls - Ceramic Tile

Walls - Marble, Granite, Stone


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Decks/Roof Membranes

Windows and Doors



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Add/Replace Aluminum Windows
Add/Replace Operable Skylights

Add/Replace Clad Windows
Add/Replace Steel Patio/Sliding/French Doors

Add/Replace Composite Patio/Sliding/French Doors
Add/Replace Steel Windows

Add/Replace Exterior - Composite Doors
Add/Replace Storm Doors

Add/Replace Exterior - Custom Doors
Add/Replace Vinyl Windows

Add/Replace Exterior - Steel Doors
Add/Replace Wood Patio/Sliding/French Doors

Add/Replace Exterior - Wood Doors
Add/Replace Wood Windows

Add/Replace Fixed Skylights
Install Home Owner Supplied Doors

Add/Replace Glass Block Windows
Install Home Owner Supplied Patio/Sliding/French Doors

Add/Replace Interior - Folding/Bi-Fold Doors
Install Home Owner Supplied Skylights

Add/Replace Interior - Pocket Doors
Install Home Owner Supplied Windows

Add/Replace Interior - Solid Core or Hollow Doors

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